Microsoft is Changing

Microsoft is changing the way it delivers technology to its customers. You'll see this evident in its product roadmaps, releases, incentives, licensing, advertising ... everything. In turn, this affects the way its partners including Cloudable can deliver additional value, and inevitably it will affect the way your business will access technology in the future.

Traditional channels using boxed software on on-premise deployments will disappear. The Microsoft Small Business Server technology has already been retired and is in its final years of support. Microsoft has lifted the threshold at which customers can access Enterprise Licences to a minimum of 500 users. All new file storage technologies point to the web and all new Microsoft software is designed to be used online. Microsoft's new competencies and training all points this way too.

Think about what these changes will mean to your business and how you can use them to sharpen your edge. A bewildering array of spending opportunities will be thrust in your direction. Think about what trustful relationships you will need along the way for guidance and support. Now is not too early to start!

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