Agnostic Cloud Management

Agnostic Cloud Management

12, Apr Team@Cloudable

CloudScale is a leading cloud orchestration tool supported locally by Cloudable. It provides a single online interface through which you can provision, manage and monitor the services of multiple IaaS and SaaS cloud providers.

CloudScale greatly simplifies the administration of complex cloud and hosting resources while still enabling access to individual control panels in all their depth. It provides a top-down graphic view of what resources you have, what they are being used for, current usage, and what remaining capacities exist within budget. Its auto-scaling and least-cost-routing features enable you to minimise cost and overbuying, and maximise the productivity benefits you expect from the public cloud.

You can delegate cloud administration to more user-centric staff rather than high end technicians. Important cost control information such as service charges, average rates, utilisation, outages etc are available on one report itemised across all cloud providers so you can easily compare relative economies.

Whether virtualized or bare metal, whether on-premise, private hosted or public cloud. CloudScale abstracts all of these details with full compatibility on any platform. Each custom-designed implementation is optimized to leverage every appropriate environment to streamline your IT operations and optimize costs through a single interface.

  • Scale on public cloud environments like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.
  • Monitor on-premise bare metal servers and set policies for autoscaling to burst into public and private cloud/s when appropriate.
  • Set universal user roles and security rules across all your environments

CloudScale is a highly customised service and will be integrated to your specific needs. Cloudable provides implementation and support services all along the way. Call us on 1300 728 953 to learn more.

CloudScale is the property of CloudSpectator of Boston MA USA, used under licence by Cloudable.

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