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Watch for Cloudable's new bundled services for Azure IaaS and the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite, coming soon.

Bringing the Global Cloud Home

Modern public cloud services from Microsoft, Amazon and others are built on a massive global scale and network. Their strengths lie in low price and ease of access. Their weaknesses often lie in flexibility, local storage and support, personal account management and compliance with particular local requirements.

Cloudable addresses these weaknesses with the services of an Australian business with ten years' experience in hosting Australian government and companies at award-winning level.

Beware many "cloud providers" today who are simply cold licence resellers. You'll be left to fend for yourself in this fast-changing field. Cloudable provides the guidance, best practice, local support experts, tools and other services committed to make your experience with public cloud services like Office 365 a success.

At the outset, Cloudable offers guidance and selection recommendation, deployment planning and migration services. For ongoing operation, Cloudable offers Core Service Bundles including the underlying licences you will need plus a raft of bundled or optional local support services, product enhancements and immediate hybrid capability.

We call our approach "Bringing the Global Cloud Home".


Core Service Bundles and Add-ons

These are Office 365 and other cloud services bundled with local support and enhancements as shown in the panel below. They are tailored to your organisation’s size and complexity, and are designed to give you everything needed to move efficiently and confidently into the cloud.

Hybrid and integration Solutions

Cloudable has an immediate hybrid capability hosted from premium Australian data centres which complements your overall solution with integration and full local compliance you won’t get solely from the global cloud. These provide a true "best of both worlds" experience.

Services for Australian Enterprise

Office 365 curation and support services for organisations with over 500 users. From low-touch to high-touch, designed to complement the role of your existing IT team and provide hybrid integration with your existing IT resources whether on premise or already in the cloud.

Cloudable Signature Series

Cloudable has developed a series of exclusive productivity and compliance enhancements which can be seamlessly added to the Office 365 product set. They are non-intrusive and light-weight, and are integrated within the control panel of your Office 365 tenancy.

Services for Australian Governments

Australian governments often have particular additional requirements of public cloud services around data sovereignty, privacy and security compliance, and integration with established networks. Cloudable offers services of this type on a range of government procurement panels.

Stand-alone Cloud Licences

If you already have cloud licences, that’s OK. If you want to buy stand-alone unmanaged cloud licences, that’s OK too. We sell raw licences at the same price as the wholesalers, and we sell elements of our services outside the Core Service Bundles. Let us know exactly what you need.

Core Bundled Services

Cloudable's Core Bundled Services are designed to provide simple access to everything your business will need to complete a planned and successful transition to 100% cloud computing. They include best practices, tools, resources, and experts committed to make your experience with Office 365 a success.

Choose a bundle relevant to your business size - SMB (5 to 50 users), BUSINESS (50 to 250 users) and CORPORATE (> 250 users). All bundles include the following:

Email migration is free for yearly subscription customers, for monthly subscribers it is $50 per mailbox ex GST. Yearly subscribers also receive four hours structured administrator training to familiarise with the many features of the service.

In addition, Cloudable provides a series of Add-On services which integrate broader functionality into your Office 365 tenancy. Find all available options on the Cloudable Online Store.

For organisations with over 500 users, Cloudable provides a custom range of Services for Enterprise.

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